Students Walk Out to Remember Shooting Victims

Students at high schools throughout our area walked out of class Wednesday morning, one month after the deadly school rampage in Parkland, Florida. The students left class as a silent protest against gun violence.

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    • E

      Whoa I would hate to LOOSE any more rights! I can’t think of anything more horrible than that. Oh wait what if I were to LOSE some if my rights. Ha ha ha ha ha! And you stated that kids should let the adults take care of things huh. Ha ha! You mean adults like YOU who can’t even properly use the English language should take care of things?! No wonder this country is now a dumping ground for trash lol.

  • My Foot

    Columbine massacre, Sandy Hook baby massacre . Results after = Nothing………… Shout from the rooftops Parkland Students!!!!!! The time to ACT is now.

  • RackAttack (@attack_rack)

    So let me get this straight. Kids break truancy laws to try to establish more strict gun laws to force bad guys into following laws that they themselves break? Yeah, that’s about right for the dumbed-down masses crying for their further enslavement by the New World Order. (Psst… Y’all know the NWO is trying to disarm us to repopulate the plant by killing 7 BILLION PEOPLE without armed resistance, don’t you? If not better learn… FAST!)

    • E

      Ha ha ha! Wow where to begin. So a person should only protest when they have a day off? Ha ha ha! I absolutely LOVE you NWO conspiracy types, It’s nothing but flawed, contradictory statements one after the next. Bet you call everyone else “sheep” don’t you? First off you used y’all in a sentence and only redneck trash uses that “term”. Lol. Next it’s PLANET not plant. Oh and my favorite, you DEPOPULATE a planet when you make the population smaller, super genius. Why would you attempt to seem educated towards the ways of the world when you cannot even spell or use proper grammar. You are not even intelligent enough to comprehend the subjects your are ranting about. I’m guessing you blame the wealthy for YOUR own stupid life decisions and the NWO BS is just your excuse for being poor. You fit in perfectly in NEPA, right alongside the masses of pathetic, failed wanna be high school athletes who believe they were “cheated” out of their sports dream, but are really just white trash drunks. Ha ha ha! Is it also the fault of the Illuminati that you are uneducated and poor?

  • Scott Tomkins

    Remember kids, the second amendment guarantees the rest of the bill of rights.
    “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”
    Benjamin Franklin

    I was in southern Florida for the month of January this year. A Firearm saved my life and my wifes life in Brevard county florida. A man came at us with a Baseball bat because we pulled into a parking spot he wanted ! As he was coming at us, I pulled out my legally carried pistol. When he saw the gun, it stopped him right in his tracks, no shots fired. There was no police to be found while this man threatened our lives ! I know this story I am typing, wont see the light of day as it dosent follow a political agenda.
    One last thought, would this generation of kids give up their Playstation 4 or Xbox so easy?

    • rehcaet67

      So does the right to assemble, which is in the First Amendment. Great job to the students exercising their constitutional rights!

  • Jamie Jones

    Hearing kids would rather not be in school…. wow shocker. One month anniversary? is this going to happen then every month until school is over? Did these kids ever think walking out of school just makes them an even easier target for another student or another psychopath to shoot upon? C’mon where is the common sense anymore. I pray for us all, we will need it in our future.

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