Students Host Sit-in for Parkland Victims

BUTLER TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- As students all across the country and in our nation's capital walked out of class Wednesday, students in Schuylkill County decided to sit in.

"It was very emotional," student Gracie Orosco said. "Once I saw them all flooding in at the same time, I teared up a little bit because it really put into perspective the effect you can have on people."

About 500 students at North Schuylkill Junior/Senior High School gathered in the school's cafeteria for a sit-in. 17 students lead the demonstration, one to represent each person lost in the deadly high school shooting in Parkland, Flordia last month.

The students tell Newswatch 16 they chose a sit-in so they could connect with their fellow students without involving politics.

"People tend to stray away from things that are political, so we wanted to use this as a positive change to say that students do have a voice," student Ashley Teter said.

This isn't the first time the students helped out the families of the shooting victims. They sold shirts to raise money for their funeral expenses.

"I didn't get a shirt until about the third day that they were selling because they were just selling out like crazy," Teter said.

Faculty members supported the sit-in.

"Our kids are absolutely fabulous," principal Ken Roseberry said. "Something like this didn't even make me nervous. I knew they'd never walk out the building. I knew if they did this, it would be something respectful."

In addition to the sit-in, the students have also challenged one another to do random acts of kindness over the next 17 days. They've put up a banner in their cafeteria so they can document all of their good deeds.


  • Jack Irvin

    Actually student sit in hosted by media, instead of sit in schools should teach students why we have the second amendment.With out the second amendment you are unable to protect yourself or your family from anyone including the government. Disarmament is necessary for communistic control, something the liberals and media already have over these children

    • J (@ds18301)

      Such typical gibberish. “Protect yourself from the government…” Good luck with that — this ain’t the 18th century. If the government really wants you, your guns or your can of Spam, it’s theirs. Game over. If you think you need a gun for that, then you really shouldn’t have guns because that is simply madness. As to the second amendment — read the history. It was included to appease the slave-owners so they could keep their slave-militias to protect their “property”. Tell me what part of a “well regulated militia” pertains to a guy shooting at 500 people at a concert in Las Vegas or a kid with an AR taking down 17 kids in a school? Please tell me what part of “well regulated” doesn’t demand regulations? As to “communism…”, you clearly have no idea of what is going on in the world. Turn off the Fox/Limbaugh/Jones and read some books.

  • Rusty Knyffe

    Can someone please explain, in detail, what the expected outcome of these “protests” is??? ANYONE???

    They have to be challenged to engage in random acts of kindness? Are you kidding me? The only positive thing that I can say about this school is that the students had the respect to remain within the building. But, that’s about it.

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