Sick of the Snow in the Poconos

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COOLBAUGH TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Snow…sure it's pretty to look at on trees, and it makes streets look like winter wonderlands, but all of this in less than two weeks has some people in the Poconos saying enough.

"I have just had enough. You know, it's like one time, two times, now three times. I'm out," said Michael Stevenson, Coolbaugh Township.

Two winter storms at the beginning of the month left piles of snow, thousands without power, and trees down on many roads.

A few more inches fell throughout Monroe County on Tuesday morning. It was just enough to aggravate some residents in Coolbaugh Township.

"Now, it's getting a little ridiculous. Way too much, too fast, too close. Poor kids can't really do anything with school, and they can't really come outside. I would lose my son if I dropped him in this snow," said Anthony Hickey, Coolbaugh Township.

Sophia Castrodad goes to Lake Wallenpaupack Middle School in Pike County and was once again off from school. She spent her day shoveling her grandfather's driveway and says she would rather be out in warmer weather.

"I'm hoping that it stops soon so we can start going out and getting ready for the nice pool weather," said Castrodad.

"Not only are people who were out shoveling over this winter weather, but people who have to drive in it are also sick of the slush.

"It makes everything take longer, but just stay safe. Slow and steady. If you don't have to go out, don't," said Mario Assi, Coolbaugh Township.

David Lall is from South Carolina but has been in Pennsylvania visiting family for the last week. He says next time, he will pick a warmer month.

"It's a little crazy. I mean, it's not as bad as the snow storm last week but still pretty bad compared to what we see," said Lall.

Some other residents we spoke to say the hardest part about hauling away all this snow is how heavy it is, and the hope is for warmer weather to come and melt it all away.

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