More Snow, More Problems

WAYMART, Pa. -- Snow on Tuesday closed schools again and left some hoping it's the last blast from winter.

It's been storm after storm after storm for folks in the Poconos.

The latest snow canceled school and left folks breaking out their shovels and snowthrowers yet again.

Luke Gregory and his snowthrower have been getting a workout this winter in Waymart. Another helping of snow overnight has Gregory and his neighbors digging out yet again.

"With all the different snowfalls we're getting, it's been tough to manage the snow," he said. "Where do we even put it anymore?"

It was the same story in Honesdale early in the morning as the flakes came down for what seems like the umpteenth time this season. Plow trucks were busy and some could only take the weather in stride.

"I love the snow, love to ski. This I don't mind at all. I'll do the work in order to be able to have the fun," Gregory added.

March really came in like a lion, with three storms in a little more than a week – first, that nor'easter knocking out power to thousands, closing school for more than a week, now, this latest snow a little more than expected, even closing school at Western Wayne.

"Oh, boy, this makes number 13 now," Warren Brundage said.

Brundage worked to clear snow at R.D. Wilson Elementary School near Waymart. The district was closed for its 13th day due to weather.

"We've been at it since four this morning," he said. "We anticipated we were going to school today, so we had to get everything open. Mother Nature had other ideas, I guess."

This wintry weather is not all bad for Shemanski's Maple Syrup. There's a county-wide maple syrup tour this weekend, and as long as it doesn't warm up too fast all at once, the syrup season will be fine.

"The snow is good for us, better than being too warm because then the trees will bud and the season is over," Ron Shemanski explained.

Western Wayne School District plans to add those snow days to the end of the school year, pushing back graduation.

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