Main Street Makeover Planned in Dickson City

DICKSON CITY, Pa. -- People in one borough in Lackawanna County say their main street can sometimes feel like a highway during rush hour.

The owner of Courtnie's Furniture and Mattress on Main Street in Dickson City is getting ready to open up his new store. Dennis Muracco says one plus of this location is that a lot of drivers see his sign while stopped in traffic.

"It almost looks like they're going to drive through our business, so an expansion is definitely, definitely needed," Muracco said.

Main Street is on PennDOT's list for improvement. Early plans are to widen the road, add turning lanes in some spots, and make safety improvements to certain intersections.

"It's almost one and a half lanes if you actually drive out there, so a lane is definitely needed. Like I said, we see probably one accident out here every couple weeks," Muracco said.

PennDOT says the project will cover all of Main Street in Dickson City. The project starts in Scranton and ends in Blakely. It would cost just over $2 million with the bill split between the federal government, the state, and Lackawanna County.

The project would include a lot of work where Main Street, Boulevard Avenue, and Storrs Street all connect. It's a tricky place to make a turn, according to Stephanie Williams.

"You're in the middle of the street trying to make a turn, and it's hard for people coming on either side to see, so it's definitely important that they have a straight shot at it. It'll be safer as far as I'm concerned," Williams said.

PennDOT is still in the early planning process. Officials are asking for suggestions on ways to make Main Street in Dickson City better. Plans are to start work in 2020.

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