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Farmers Donate to Ronald McDonald House

MAHONING TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- What do farmers have in common with the Ronald McDonald House? A lot, actually.

The Pennsylvania Farm Bureau regularly donates to the Ronald McDonald House of Danville. Tuesday marks 20 years of deliveries.

A shed at the Ronald McDonald House of Danville is filled with food and cooking and cleaning supplies. Students from Danville High School's Future Farmers of America group are loading even more. It is all donations for people staying at the Ronald McDonald House.

"It definitely feels really good. All of our members are super happy with what we did," Kiera Fahey said.

The food and supplies come in handy for people staying there. Just ask Amanda Breon of Lewistown. Her newborn daughter Raven is in the NICU at Janet Weis Children's Hospital.

"They have cupboards full of things that are really quick so you don't have to cook," Breon said.

This isn't just any donation. It's almost $20,000 worth of food, supplies, and money from the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau.

"Farmers care for their land and animals, and they also care for their community," Rick Ebert said.

Over the last 20 years, the Farm Bureau has donated more than $1 million to Pennsylvania's Ronald McDonald Houses. These donations help run the houses.

"This really provides that comfort food and that respite that they need to really sustain themselves and care for their loved ones in need," Linda Brown said.

There are 17 rooms and two efficiency apartments at the Ronald McDonald House of Danville. Up to 60 people can stay there at one time.

Amanda Breon is grateful to be one of those people.

"Someone was willing to let me stay somewhere for free so I don't have to drive back home an hour and a half every day," Breon said.

And she's even more grateful for donations like this.