Developments in Wyoming County Threat Case

FACTORYVILLE, Pa. -- There are new developments after an 18-year-old man from Nicholson was arrested on Saturday after witnesses say he pointed a pellet gun at a community center near Keystone College.

Although students weren't on campus, this caused Keystone College to send out an alert.

Police now say the suspect was interested in purchasing a more high-powered gun.

State police tell Newswatch 16 that one week before Brian Peterson was arrested for that incident involving a pellet gun, he reached out to several people in the Nicholson area, about how to purchase a semi-automatic weapon.

Around noon on Saturday, witnesses in Factoryville informed police that a male riding around on his bike, wearing a Spiderman mask was pointing a pellet gun at the Keystone Community Center near Keystone College.

Shortly thereafter, the suspect was arrested and identified as Brian Peterson, 18, from Nicholson. He's a senior at Lackawanna Trail Junior/Senior High School.

The threat caused police to send out an alert to Keystone College.

"Police came to our campus safety office and asked us if we knew anything about this individual, which we did not. After they apprehended the individual, they followed up and told us that, so we were very grateful. The state police really did a wonderful job," said Fran Calpin, senior director of college relations.

Police say Peterson has been involved in multiple incidents, including threats of school violence.

Authorities say that the week before Saturday's arrest, Peterson reached out to several people in the Nicholson area, about how to purchase a semi-automatic weapon, specifically an AR-15. This has folks from the area worried.

"I don't see why anybody needs an AR-15. You can use them for target practice. You can't hunt with them, you can't really do anything else with them unless you're planning on some horrific deed," said James Wright, Nicholson Township.

Because of the rise in recent mass shootings around the United States, one man Newswatch 16 spoke with who lives in the area says the news of this incident hits close to home. He doesn't want to see that happen here.

"It brings it too close to home. That kind of thing can happen anywhere, and I certainly wouldn't want to see it happen here. This is a great community and really great people," said Michael Matles of Nicholson.

Police informed Newswatch 16 that there could be another individual involved and that additional charges and arrests are pending.

Peterson is locked up in Wyoming County on charges of risking a catastrophe, terroristic threats, and reckless endangerment.


  • Rusty Knyffe

    One look at this young man and it’s quite clear that the lights are on, but nobody’s home. UGH….

    Regarding Sullivan County, it’s a small community in Sully and everyone knows about this girl. She’s a problem child and she’s going to end up in prison, most likely. The denial is part of what’s wrong with education, now. Instead of calling it what it is, everyone is waiting for her to turn a corner and straighten up. Sadly, psychopaths do not ever straighten up.

  • izeyahsmommy

    Yet the Sullivasn County School District is trying to cover up a shooting threat from 2/21. The girl was suspended for 10 days and they don’t want to press the issue further because they don’t want to hinder her graduating this year. This same girl also made a bomb threat 2 years ago, yet they will not answer any questions when called. And most of the staff isn’t even aware of it.

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