Another Nor’easter Brings Snow-Covered Roads in Wayne County

HONESDALE, Pa. -- People in part of our area woke up to snow-covered roads Tuesday morning in Wayne County.

The Honesdale area woke up to a few inches of sloppy snow Tuesday morning.

In this snowy winter, dealing with the morning mess is really nothing new for Cole McConnell.

"It wasn't so bad. I live right on Terrace Street, so far, it hasn't been bad," McConnell said.

But McConnell works several miles away in Preston. He left early for work but some of that time was eaten up at the gas station.

Mark Joia doesn't worry about gas. He walks, and so does his dog Callie.

"She got me up early," Joia said. "She loves (the snow.) She eats it when she comes out every time."

If you couldn't eat it, you had to plow it. Plow trucks made several passes in parking lots, and on one of the main roads through the borough, Route 6.

The snow in Honesdale started falling Monday night and it continued well into the morning. There were only a few inches of snow on the ground, but that doesn't mean it was an easy storm to handle.

It was the type of snow, heavy and wet, that challenged shovelers like Tomas Torez.

"Heavy," said Torez. "Not easy. Try to take care of it real quick."

Then there is the psychological component.  Snow plowers were behind the wheel for yet another storm.

"Three storms ago, I was tired. Should have gone south then," said Randy Bodie.

Even though Randy Bodie makes money when the snow falls, he told me he'd rather be doing something else.



The latest blast of winter weather is causing some delays. Check out the list here.