Monroe County Under Winter Weather Advisory As Storm Approaches

MARSHALLS CREEK, Pa. -- This latest storm has the National Weather Service putting Monroe County under a winter weather advisory.

Many living there are just getting power restored to their homes after being knocked offline during the two previous storms.

In Marshalls Creek life is beginning to return to normal.

The power's back on at homes and businesses for most after not one but two winter storms plunged thousands into the dark.

“We were out of power from Friday until late Monday night and so, we have a wood stove and gathered some water up so it was OK,” said Rob Causton.

“Five days, six days, around there. Got it back on Tuesday” said Nicole Frazetta. “We were able to survive and what not, but family, being together after, the electronics and all that.”

Shopping plazas along Route 209 were filled with utility crews brought in from other states to help get power restored.

With the lights back on, those crews were headed back home.

“They did a great job, I mean it was pretty much a disaster so, they did a good job and we were lucky to get it back that soon,” said Causton.

Now Monroe County is under a winter weather advisory as the National Weather Service says another storm could drop up to five inches of new snow.

"I'm hoping that it's not going to be as extreme,” said Shelly Ackerman. "I'm hoping that with everything up and running and they finally got all the trees off the creek, so I'm hoping we'll keep power this time and we'll be OK.”

At Stroudsburg Area High School, school is finally back in session after a week off.

The tennis team says it's been tough getting its season off the ground.

“We’re actually just starting and getting lineups ready, it’s snowing, we haven’t had our first match yet,” said senior Tim Geiger. “We’re trying to get ready but it’s looking pretty slow right now.”

The winter weather advisory is expected to expire at 10 a.m. Tuesday.