Homes Needed for Pets with Special Needs 

WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. -- Dozens of animals are waiting to be adopted from the Lycoming County SPCA in Williamsport.

"We get dogs from people that can no longer care for them. We get them as strays,” said Vickie Stryker.

Kelli Smith works at the SPCA. Her walking pal, Kain a 1-year-old pit bull is still finding his footing at his new temporary home.

"Sometimes when he slips, that's our biggest concern because we don't want him to land on his little stub," said Stryker.

The dog that had one of his legs amputated when he was a puppy was dropped off at the shelter over a month ago.

"One was removed because of a car accident,” said Stryker.

"Three legs does not slow him down," said Smith.

Employees at the SPCA on Reach Road tell Newswatch 16 it's normal to have at least one animal at the shelter who needs extra care. Recently they've had five.

“We have a dog with a cleft lip, a cat with a broken pelvis and will have special needs, and a little kitten that was born without muscle tone,” said Stryker.

Another cat with just three legs was adopted over the weekend. Kain and the others are waiting to find their forever homes.

"It can be sometimes challenging to find homes for animals with special needs," said Stryker.

Vickie Stryker, the executive director at the SPCA, hopes someone will adopt Peach soon. The white and orange feline has been here for months. The cat broke its pelvis and will need laxatives for the rest of her life.

"Because of her special needs, I think it will be more difficult to take her on," said Nicole Mummert.

"She is very sweet it's just we need to find the right home," said Stryker.

SPCA employees tell us the animals with special needs will stay here until they find a home.