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Long-Time Employee Celebrates 80th Birthday at Lowe’s

MONTOURSVILLE -- With decorations and cupcakes, dozens of employees at Lowe’s in Montoursville are helping celebrate Bob Hively's 80th birthday.

"To see him reach this milestone, it's an honor,” said co-worker Angela Porter.

"It's a great feeling. I have trouble keeping it in,” said Bill Hively.

Hively who officially turns 80 over the weekend has been working part-time in the lawn and garden center at Lowe’s for 17 years.

"My wife was ill at the time and she said I can't stand you being here at this point because you need to be seeing people," said Hively.

What started out as a way to get out of the house has become like a second home.

"On a normal day, I get ten to 15 hugs from either customers, the women and the men, and my own family," said Hively.

"If I'm 80 and I'm still working, I hope it's somewhere where I really want to be and I know he really loves working here for us,” said Jeff Bates.

"Living the dream," said Hively.

Bob may not be able to carry as much as he used to, but he does know a lot about what he sells. He's known to bring some of the equipment manuals home with him to read.

"He knows where to find anything we need," said one customer.

Bob was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease about three years ago. He has plans to slow down. He says his part-time job has helped him stay active and healthy.

"I think honestly if he was to leave here I don't know what we would do. He's that important to us at the store,” said Bates.

"As you heard me tell them I'm going to be here another 20 years and God forbid it's going to happen,” said Hively.

Hopefully, we'll be there, too, to help celebrate.


  • Shifty Biscuits

    I don’t care what this guy or his wife says, nobody prefers to work at the age of 80. It’s probably what he tells people in order to maintain his dignity. The real story here is about the irresponsible squandering of money by our state and federal governments that force
    the elderly to work until they die!

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