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Getting Back to Business in Pike County

DELAWARE TOWNSHIP -- Since Thursday, about 4,000 more homes and businesses in Pike County have the power back on, bringing the total number of those without power to about 8,500.

Friday morning, some folks did see some bits of their normal routine come back since the storm last week, but there is still more work to be done.

Skycam 16 shows us the Wild Acres Development near Dingmans Ferry. Most of the homes there still don't have power a full week after last Friday's powerful winter storm.

Met-Ed reports that 8,500 homes and businesses in Pike County are still without power as of Friday morning. Officials blame downed trees and powerlines.

"Trees, wires a different world, a very different world," said newspaper carrier Eva Tagorda. "Telephone poles split in half, trees still hanging on the wires."

"It's not easy navigating it because you got to watch cause you don't know if they're live or not," said newspaper carrier Dennis Whitcross.

Dennis Whitcross and his wife Eva Tagorda deliver newspapers in Delaware Township and say they've had a hard time since the storm

"This is really the first full day that I am getting to all my customers."

Delivery drivers tell Newswatch 16 they've had difficulty making deliveries because of low-hanging power lines, down power lines on the side of the road, and nearly 100-foot-tall trees blocking the only roads to some of their destinations still eight days after the winter storm.

"That's what it is. You get so far and then you need to find another road. At least I've been up here long enough that I know all the side roads," said Jim Hoover of Pocono Mountain Dairies.

Sister's Deli on Silver Lake Road got deliveries of milk, eggs, and bread for the first time since last week's storm.

"I kept in touch with a lot of my vendors and told them that it was unsafe to come out and that we were closed and that we couldn't accept the orders right now so it does really feel good to have business up and running," said Lisa Perez of Sister's Deli.

Crews continue to work to restore power and get everyone back to business as usual. The mess and memories from the storm's destruction, however, will stick around for a while.

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