Still In The Dark, Shelters Continue to Open In Pike County

PIKE COUNTY -- The Matamoras Fire Department has cots out, ready for people in need in Pike County.

Red Cross officials got a call Thursday morning to open the shelter and prepare for about 80 people.

"It's horrible, I mean that's why we're here, people come in for showers, at any of the shelters we have, just this morning we were in Stroudsburg and people came in to use the shower, they came in to use the bathroom, the simple things that anybody should be able to do,” said Steven Colon, a Red Cross worker.

Shelters and warming stations are still being opened and operated a week after a Nor'easter slammed this area.

Emergency officials say that proves just how desperate this situation is with utility crews from all over the country have arrived to help, but still, thousands home and businesses remain in the dark, many in the western part of the county.

"It's terrible, terrible, we have friends up there and I was told they're not gonna have power back until the 9th, then I heard yesterday they're not gonna have power back until April. I don't know when they're gonna get it but it's a shame, we've offered showers, come to the house, take showers, whatever,” said Dave Kurtz of Matamoras.

Folks living in the Matamoras area actually did not lose any power, but emergency officials say they set up a shelter at the fire department because there is power and because they got calls that people staying in nearby hotels who have lost their power may need to move elsewhere.

“Probably one of the worst storms we've had in 10 or 15 years, the damage in the western side of the county is quite severe,” said Tom Olver of Matamoras Emergency Management.

"It's horrible, I haven't seen it in years like this, at the end of winter, you know. I don't know,” said Jeff Hulse of Port Jervis.

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