Relief After Storms in the Poconos

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COOLBAUGH TOWNSHIP -- The roads are clear in parts of Coolbaugh Township, but sidewalks and front yards are still covered in snow. Residents who live in his community near Tobyhanna say it's been a tough week.

"I've lived here for 16 years and this has been the worst and the reason is because it came so fast," said Manuel Fernandez, Coolbaugh Township.

In less than a week, two major storms dumped piles of snow throughout the Poconos.

High winds and downed power lines left thousands of homes and businesses without power for days.

People in this neighborhood are just starting to feel some relief.

"Look at the side of my house that is how much snow we got. It's nature and you can't do nothing about it," said Hugh Doran, Coolbaugh Township.

While it's not easy getting back to normal with all of this snow, some residents we spoke to say they are doing the best they can.

"If you're used to it, you just keep digging. If you're not used to it, well they give up," said Doran.

Manuel Fernandez says he was just able to clear his driveway within the last few hours. He says the community really came together during this winter blast.

"This place is very resilient and we will get back to normal pretty quick," said Fernandez.

Other residents in this area say they are happy to have power back and roads plowed and hope this is it for winter storms.

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