Parking Regulations Enforced in Kingston

KINGSTON -- Beginning on March 1, the Kingston Police Department started to enforce parking regulations around the entire municipality.

The reaction from people who live in Kingston has been mixed. People we spoke with who paid their tickets were surprised that they, in fact, got ticketed but admitted they've been parking illegally for years. They just never got caught until now.

For some Kingston residents, their wallets are a little lighter since the start of the month. The municipality's police department started to fully enforce a list of parking regulations for safety reasons.

"I advised the police department, since it's on the books and it's always been there, to enforce the parking ordinances evenly across the town, not in specific towns, evenly across the town, for the safety of the public," said Kingston Mayor Paul Roberts.

Mayor Roberts adds that these laws have always been in place, just not fully enforced, throughout the entire area. Because of that, tickets have come as a surprise to some longtime residents.

"I knew it was incorrect of me to park going the wrong direction. But in the morning when I pick up my grandkids, I don't like to drive out to Pierce Street because it's so dangerous to go out that way, so I always park going the other way, so I can just leave in the morning," Kathy Krivenko said.

Cars facing the oncoming lane have been getting tickets.

"It's difficult to get out of your car on the driver's side towards the street if there's a lot of flow-through traffic. In the winter time it's icy, it's dangerous. If you can get out on the curb side on the driver's side, it's safer," John Pugh said.

Mayor Roberts insists that this decision wasn't made to hurt people's wallets but rather to help ensure safety in Kingston.


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