Hope for Power Restoration in Pike County

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DINGMAN TOWNSHIP -- Many of the people who've been without electricity for almost a week in Pike County could see the power back on by Friday.

Some of the people we met in Pike County have finally shoveled out after the winter storm. Now they'll have to sit and wait for repair crews to replace broken wires and get their power back on.

Crews worked along roads fixing snapped poles near Milford. It's a welcome sight for some in this part of Pike County as people have been without power for almost a week.

"Friday around 11 o'clock that's when everything started going on and trees began falling down. It hit power lines and I mean that tree came down," said Jim Purpura.

We caught up with Jim Pupura as he was plowing his driveway. With no definite timetable on when his power will be restored, he's had to ration his generator use.

"This is the worst storm in this area and I have lived here for 10 years, worst I have seen."

High in the sky, crews from Big D Electric based in Illinois have been here in Pike County trying to restore power for families who have been without power for a week.

Workers said the rocky terrain made repairs difficult but not impossible.

"The bad part is the snow and the wind," said Harry Sharp of Big D Electric.  "You have a lot of fallen trees and the terrain is really hillish and slick. The obstacles are just getting to be where you need to be."

Paul Dzyak has also been without power since last Friday. Trying to keep everyone in good spirits, he brought food for the electric workers.

"These guys are out here helping people," Dzyak said. "I have been without power for seven days, six days and they are here trying to make it work."

Repair crews tell Newswatch 16 the Milford area of Pike County can expect to have power restored Thursday night or Friday.

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