Controversial Concert Coming to Scranton on Parade Day

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SCRANTON -- A controversial rapper makes his return to our area and extra police officers are being called in to keep an eye on the concert.

Internationally known rapper "Uncle Murda" is set to return to our area for a concert Saturday in Scranton.

He's seen as controversial because some of his lyrics suggest violence against police officers.

Scranton police say they plan to have an increased presence at the show in the city's north end.

Club Vibe is inside what many may remember as the former Castle Restaurant in north Scranton. Rapper Uncle Murda is scheduled to perform there Saturday night.

Scranton police say they will be there, even after the city's St. Patrick's Parade, one of their busiest days of the year.

A poster advertising Uncle Murda's return to our area is posted in the door of Club Vibe on North Main Avenue in Scranton.

One of the rapper's most popular songs is about police shootings of unarmed black men across the country. In the song "Hands Up," Uncle Murda raps about violence against police officers.

We spoke to the owner of Club Vibe. He told Newswatch 16 he's expecting a few hundred people for the show and has his own security for the event. He's aware the controversy Uncle Murda brings but doesn't expect any problems.

"It's just controversy, it's like Eminem, you know what I'm trying to say? He says things crazy but it doesn't mean it's going to happen. To my knowledge, for me, and I've been in the business 30 years, most of the time it's hype, it's not all about the drama and everything, it's just hype," said owner Kevin McCarty.

Other business owners in Scranton's north end told Newswatch 16 they are concerned about possible violence Saturday night.

Scranton Police Chief Carl Graziano says there will already be extra police in the city because of the st. Patrick's Parade earlier in the day. Those extra officers will stay on into the night and patrol the area around Club Vibe.

"He certainly has a right to do that event. We have an obligation to make sure everything is safe over there. we will have extra personnel to make sure that is happening," the chief said.



  • GotDramaAllergy

    .Racism it is NOT!!!!it’s the culture that is dividing our Nation.(Police are scared)ALWAYS REMEMBER,HATE THE CULTURE,NOT THE COLOR.Thankfully are American’s of all skin tint that are High quality Americans.Dont make them suffer for the one’s seeking an excuse,or to be fashionably different.The one’s at Rally’s who feel so fashionably hood,they are owed busting in Dept store’s,looting .Soon,we all are so mixed between black and white,won’t be anyone left to hate.NEXT TIME A HOOD GUN VIOLENCE GLORIFER GET’S SHOT BY A POLICE OFFICER,FRETTING A HIDDEN FIREARM,REMEMBER WHAT EXACTLY IS MAKING THEM SO CONCERNED.<———<<<who need's to view out of whose windshield?????

  • Shifty Biscuits

    If (or when) one of these thugs pops a cap into a Scranton police officer and kills him/her, will Scranton allow this piece of crap back into the city again? Probably huh. If not he can always go to Ali Babba’s in Wilkesbarre. They’ll take him.

  • Nick Parise

    Outrage is not the correct word. An absolute disgusting defiance of the law and the City will not only protect this rathole it will not close it. Every bar and restaurant owner in the County of Lackawanna who pays the state 5000.00 a year for their license should be up in arms that not only is this “club”
    allowed to function but they exist. Everyone should send their licenses back to the State cause they are not needed in Scranton anymore and the cops and State Police will protect you. I can’t believe a TV station puts this junk on the air knowing the history of this ‘after hours’ joint without calling for its closure.Make sure you are there to report the next time one of these classy patrons stabs or shoots another of their ilk.

  • Emma Hogg

    Remember, boys and girls, to always type your opinions truthfully and honestly. Unless, of course, the truth tends to offend. Remember to use kind, thoughtful, and insightful descriptions in lieu of harsh facts and animal references. This will help WNEP to run a proper left-wingnut “news” discussion as well as hinder the First Amendment via TOS “violations” and moderation.

  • burtfan16

    Kevin McArty sounds very optimistic. What if he was told that he and his business would be held responsible for any and all issues that arise? How optimistic would he be then?

  • Shifty Biscuits

    Drunken Irishmen and cracked out hoodrats in the cesspool town we call Scranton. Ahh, what could possibly go wrong? Watching Sunday morning news on WNEP should be very interesting this weekend!

  • gutterratt

    yeah good luck with that dum-masses Mayor William L. Courtright and anyone who’s down with this way to put people and LEO’s on the funeral pyre! uncle murda? seriously? so so so stupid!

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