A Watchful Eye at Hanover Area

HANOVER TOWNSHIP -- One school district in Luzerne County has taken major steps to strengthen its security system.

School officials are able to monitor almost the entire school through a smartphone app.

With the touch of a few buttons on a smartphone, Hanover Area School District administrators, staff, and police can keep a watchful eye on the entire junior /senior high school.

The district just installed a new security camera system at the school in Hanover Township.

"Anything that can give us eyes on the entire school is going to help us out with, God forbid, the worst-case scenario of an active shooter, but it also helps us out with daily discipline with kids in the hallways and stuff like that," explained Hanover Area Superintendent Bill Jones.

Within the next month, the district's three elementary schools will also have these cameras.

Hanover Area Junior/Senior High School assistant principal William Kane showed us the app.

"I have eyes on, basically, everything in this building. With a quick swipe, you can go to different views. If I wanted to take a look at something, there's the lunch line. I can go on that," said Kane. "With the swipe of my finger, literally, I have an eye on every corner of this building."

School officials tell Newswatch 16 that the implementation of these security cameras across the entire district cost in the neighborhood of $40,000. Students we spoke with say that the security cameras help ensure safety

"Einstein once said that technology will be the downfall of society, but right now, it's going to help keep everyone safer. I enjoy that," said senior Daniel Thompson.

School officials also tell Newswatch 16 that Hanover Township police now have swipe access to the schools in case of an emergency.

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