Some Businesses Weather the Storm in McAdoo

MCADOO -- Many businesses in Schuylkill County closed on Wednesday because of the snow-covered roads.

Renee Sosar's day started with clearing her driveway. She was among the many people in McAdoo who spend the day digging out.

She's thankful only about six inches of snow fell at her house, knowing it could have been worse.

"So, that's OK. We'll take it as long as it stays this way," Sosar said.

Plow drivers feel the same way.

"We're thankful that it is not as bad as they were saying. There is nowhere to put the snow in towns like this. The towns get packed and there is just nowhere to go with it," Eric Williamson said.

Not many people were out as the snow began to fall.

Even though many businesses in McAdoo closed because of the snow, Newswatch 16 did find some businesses open to serve those who stayed at home.

"We didn't plan on opening today, but when we saw the roads were bare, we decided let's take a chance. Let's come in," said Bonnie Torre, manager of Via Nuova Pizzeria.

Workers at the pizzeria say they were busy with deliveries.

"Our delivery driver, he's been driving for a while and our customers understand that it's going to take a little extra time if the roads are bad," Torre said.

The manager says even in the snow, people can't go without their pizza.

"Pizza is like a staple for people, and if they don't have it, they get a little crazy."

The customers appreciate it, including one man who came for his usual slice.

"He's here rain or shine, snow or sleet. He drives here from White Haven to make sure we get our pizza," Michael Bowman said.

And with two winter storms in less than a week, the people of McAdoo are ready for spring.

"I really think I need to move to Florida," Sosar laughed.