No Rest for the Snow Weary in Wayne County

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HAWLEY -- Some of the heaviest snow from Wednesday's storm is in Wayne County where thousands of people are still without power.

The roads are pretty nasty and plow crews have been out all day long and so have extra power crews, called in to help restore electricity following Friday's storm.

The one-two punch is really making things rough for folks.

Before the heaviest snow started to fall, utility crews were on their way to help repair the damage done from the last storm in Wayne County.

And the rush was on to grab last-minute necessities at the Lake Region IGA near Hawley before the store closed due to the winter weather.

"That's why I called to make sure they're here. I knew they had to get home, so we hurried in, so we're thankful they're open," said Margot Clauss of Tafton.

The store near Lake Wallenpaupack planned to close at noon but stayed open another hour to let folks get what they need.

"That last storm scared us how our employees got home in that dangerous storm. Stay as late as we can but do the right thing and make sure everyone can get home safely," said IGA worker Jim Shook.

Maintenance crews had their hands full for the second time in less than a week at Ledges Hotel in Hawley. The place took in stranded drivers over the weekend and now, power crews from out of town.

"We've been helping PPL out, so we have a lot of workers staying here. They've been out early and be back tonight," said Barbara Posyton.

According to PPL's website, the tree on wires on Columbus Avenue in the Hawley area should be taken care of by 11 p.m. Wednesday and that crews have been sent to make those repairs.

"It's dangerous, that one wire breaks, down comes the tree no matter who's underneath it," Bernie Singer said.

Singer and his wife have been without electricity and conventional heat since Friday. now another storm seems to be making life more complicated for the entire region and the wait continues for a fix.

"They tell me it's a mess all over, Blooming Grove, Greeley. You understand in a way when you don't have TV, you're cold, don't understand too much," Singer said.

Many businesses have closed for the day and school in the Wallenpaupack Area School District has been out since Friday.

It looks like the estimates for everyone's power to be back on by Wednesday night may be pushed back.

Links below provide the latest power outage information for your area.

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