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More Snow, But Still in the Dark in Pike County

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MILFORD -- Thousands in Pike County are still in the dark after last Friday's snowstorm. Nearly a week later, and in the middle of another storm, people have more stories to tell.

"The blessing is I have my husband. He's been helping everybody with their generators," said Lynn Edgar of Milford. "I just feel so bad for the others. I feel bad saying the comforts I have, when I know they don't. I know Superstorm Sandy, that wasn't even close to what this is," she added.

"It's been bearable, but we're at wit's end," Drew Williams of Milford said.

About 2,000 PPL customers in Pike County are still without power. For Met-Ed customers, more than 75 percent of Pike County is still in the dark, on day 6.

Yesterday, we got teased. Met-Ed had their crews out there. They looked and saw what they had to do. Then today happened," Williams said.

Several roads still are not even passable after Friday's storm. But crews out Wednesday tell Newswatch 16 they plan to be out there all day, even in the bad weather.

"They work really hard. And with the wind we had on Friday, just think of them getting up on these tree trunks must have been awful. They do the best they can," Irene Smith of Montague, New Jersey said.

For those who do not have power or generators of their own, at least there are still a few open spots.

"People coming in at night because the power has been out everywhere. They're just all coming here because everywhere else is closed," Madison Holmes said. She works at Joey's Pizza in Milford.

Even some of the biggest chains like McDonald's and Taco Bell in Matamoras, just a few miles from Milford, are still closed and without power. That has been good news for the locally owned pizza shop in Milford.

"People we haven't seen as regulars have been coming in and sharing their experiences throughout the storm," Holmes said.

Met-Ed and PPL's websites do not list an estimated time as to when power will be fully restored to people in Pike County.

Links below provide the latest power outage information for your area.

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  • Shifty Biscuits

    Power outages are a good thing. They return us to reality. Shows us Mother Nature is still the boss. I can only imagine the dramatized trauma that the transplanted Jerseyites are experiencing throughout the Poconos. Welcome to Pennsylvania my city folk.

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