In Moosic, Relief the Storm Wasn’t Worse

MOOSIC -- Wednesday’s snow storm did not quite pack the punch Friday’s nor’easter did, and folks living in Lackawanna County were relieved.

People living in Moosic were bracing for half a foot or more and only got a few inches of snow this time around.

"I'm so happy we only got how much we did. Friday was terrible. I'm glad they predicted it wrong because I was expecting the worst and I thought, 'Oh my God! All this shoveling again!'" said Fran Cutri of Moosic.

People here were pleased when Mother Nature went easy on them.

"I mean, it's not bad. I thought it would be a lot worse,” said Joshua Lokuta, who used a broom to clear his sidewalk.

"A lot better, a lot less shoveling,” laughed Jeffrey Brown of Moosic.

As relieved as people are that this storm didn't pack a punch here in Moosic, they say they are getting sick of snow, and they are ready for spring.

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