Digging out in the Poconos Again After Second Storm

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SAYLORSBURG -- For folks in Monroe County, it was a day of digging out once again.

Roger Wright was plowing out the private road he and his neighbors live on in Saylorsburg.

“It's my third time bringing out the snow plow, but when it comes into it really bad, I come down and I do the whole thing, from here all the way out of that road sometimes,” said Wright. “And it's bad, real bad.”

His neighbor Connie Finkbeiner believes they got several inches on top of what was already here from last Friday's storm.

“Probably six, eight, maybe 10,” said Finkbeiner. “This is the third time I shoveled today because it gets too heavy if you don't.”

Snow plow driver Sean Hazeltt was up at 3 a.m. to take care of properties in Allentown before coming to Saylorsburg. He says the highways weren't too bad.

“Surprisingly they were better than they were in the last storm, not as much traffic. Everything worked out really well,” said Hazeltt.

He credits some of that to PennDOT banning certain tractor trailers from area interstates.

“That made a tremendous difference,” said Hazeltt.

Other snow plows were out and about on both the highways as well as main roads in several communities, keeping the roads fairly clear.

But it's the snow accumulation on the trees that has Roger Wright concerned.

“We got large trees that could come down at any minute and that's what's making it really rough on us,” said Wright.

Still he says they haven't lost power yet.

“We survived the last one. We survived this one, so we're lucky,” said Wright.


  • Rusty Knyffe

    Actually, I’m flabbergasted at the coverage that these normal winter events have generated. Lots of snow! Power out! People stuck! Are you kidding me? That’s what happens between October and May in NEPA. What’s the big deal?

    People getting all nutty and emptying grocery shelves as if they’re preparing for an ice age, or something. And, driving in those messes when warnings were clearly issued to STAY AT HOME? Whatever….people are getting dumber and journalism is getting more and more vapid in response.

  • Shifty Biscuits

    These Nor’easters are awesome! It allows Mother Nature to show us she’s still the boss. It gives us all a reality check. It gives us more respect for our ancestors whom lived everyday without power and modern day convenience. I say don’t dislike the situation, EMBRACE IT! I hope the next Nor’easter will bury us too!

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