Another Round of Snow in the Poconos

MONROE COUNTY -- Old man winter is whacking our area for the second time in less than a week.

It looks like the places that got the most snow before are once again in the target zone.

Roads in Mount Pocono near the five-points intersection are started to get slick late Wednesday morning.

With the storm expected to really slick up roads by the afternoon, sights of big rigs rolling down area highways such as Interstate 380 near Tannersville aren't supposed to be happening. A commercial vehicle travel ban has been in place on several roadways since 8 a.m.

But one after the other, our cameras spotted several tractor-trailers on I-380 going against the ban. Some were pulled over by state police.

"You have good truck drivers and you have bad truck drivers but safety is first in my book," said driver Mark Bradley. "A lot of people don't listen to the news check the weather, check the CB."

The travel ban that means big rigs will stay parked at rest areas like the one just outside of Tannersville until emergency officials give the all-clear when this snow storm is considered a done deal.

That can't come soon enough for many in the Poconos which could see another 10 inches of snow. Thousands in that area lost power in last week's snowstorm.

"I haven't had power since Friday about one o'clock. Fortunately, we have generators," said Marie Farnan. "This is nothing compared to what we had Friday."

Many turned to places like Bill's Shop-rite store in Mount Pocono to get everything from kerosene to coffee.

"It has been non-stop, busy, wall to wall," Keith Sturges said.

And with all of the shopping, there was one common theme among customers surrounding another March storm.

"They're done with it. Everyone's playing the lottery. They want to win and move and get out of this area," Sturges said.

Moving around, in general, won't be easy for anyone until this latest mess from Mother Nature can be cleaned up.


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