Wayne County Waiting for Power

HONESDALE -- There are still thousands in Wayne County without power from the last storm, and crews are working to fix the power lines before the next storm.

With roughly a foot more snow predicted for Wednesday, people who've been waiting five days for the power to come back on may be waiting longer.

The generator outside Sprout Dental in Honesdale is only keeping a few things like computers and phones running inside.

Lori Harris is bundled up, rescheduling appointments on yet another day without power.

"It is making it difficult," Harris said. "Seeing if we can pick up another day to accommodate families that need to have appointments to have children with dental care. We have emergency calls. It's hard right now."

Across Route 191, Kim Brink can only look at what's left of her apartment after her generator caught fire overnight, flames spreading to a tree then the building. Brink and her family made it out OK.

"There was no warning, no sound, overheated or shorted, I don't know," Brink said.

Brink's family had been using the generator since the weekend while this section of Honesdale including Sprout and part of Sunrise Mobile Home Park stayed out of power. Homes and businesses nearby are fine.

"I don't understand why we don't have power. I know they're working to get everyone back on, but we're on the main road here," Harris said.

A crew working for PPL showed up to look for what is keeping the electricity out but didn't have any luck.

The Wayne County Fairgrounds near Honesdale were packed with utility crews Monday, now by Tuesday, there was just one crew there.  The rest were out there handling problems in the county, handling leftovers from the Friday nor'easter.

Perhaps the hardest hit area left in Wayne County is along Lake Wallenpaupack in Paupack Township.

Crews were only just getting ready to remove trees from power lines five days after the last storm and one day before the next.

The Egolf family have been doing what they can to wait out the power outages, even making some maple syrup while the weather cooperates

"I had the sap gathered pretty much before the storm hit. When the storm hit we couldn't do it. Today, I thought we'd try and get it in before the next storm hits," said Doug Egolf.

With the next storm on its way, the Wayne County Courthouse has announced it will close for the day on Wednesday.

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