Prolonged Power Problems in Pike County

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SHOHOLA -- For the parts of Route 434 in Shohola that are even passable, there are still some spots with hanging wires and branches from Friday's storm. Other spots are just a dead end.

"I have to say, there are a lot of guys out there working. Everybody is helping everybody," said Anthony Larocco of Shohola.

Crews are working around the clock trying to clear the downed trees and power lines. Until then, there are still thousands of homes and businesses in Pike County without power.

"It's very tiring; very tiring and stressful worrying about things, the pipes and things like that," said Barbara Larsson of Highland Lake, New York.

With all eyes on the forecast, a big concern for people who live in this part of Pike County are those trees that have cracked but didn't fall. Folks are afraid of what a little bit of wind or snow might do.

"I'm not looking forward to this snow tomorrow at all. I live in a wonderful community and everybody is helping everyone else and it's awesome," said Maureen Corbett of Yulan, New York.

The only gas station in Shohola lost its generator Monday afternoon. It took quite an effort to get it back up and running. The family who owns Midtown Service Center did not have enough cell service to call, so they texted pictures to a senior master sergeant from an Air Force Base in Colorado. Once he figured out what the problem was, the Graber family was able to do the rest.

"I was going back and forth grabbing parts from that, bringing it here and switching parts out," Harry Graber, the owner of the Midtown Service Center.

The Graber family has the same generator at home, so they took apart that one to replace the broken parts on the one at the gas station.

"We love the community. We want to help everybody," Graber said.

The generator was fixed by noon Tuesday, which thrilled folks who needed gas for vehicles and generators of their own.

"Shohola is awesome. Everybody is out with shovels and plows. Some guy just drove by and dug me out," Larocco said.

Those shovels and plows will be needed a while longer. Pike County is expected to get some of the highest snow totals in our area once again Wednesday.

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