PennDOT Prepares for Storm

DUNMORE -- PennDOT met with other state agencies Tuesday to hash out a plan meant to prevent some of the issues seen in last week's snowstorm.

The state has banned trucks on some interstates.

Employees from PennDOT's District 4 office in Dunmore sat down for a web conference call with other state agencies -- state police, Pennsylvania Emergency Management, and the governor's office, along with National Weather Service forecasters in Binghamton.

"It's just good for all of us to get together in one room, even if it's through a webinar, and to just discuss what our plans are moving forward," said PennDOT spokesperson James May.

One of the things being discussed was lessons learned from Friday and from other devastating snowstorms. PennDOT's plan includes some travel restrictions.

PennDOT will ban all commercial vehicles on Interstates 84 and 380 starting at 8 a.m. Wednesday along with more specific truck bans on other state highways.

And along with extra plows, heavy duty tow trucks will be stationed throughout the northeast.

"One of the things we've learned over the years as we've worked through these storms is the importance that we get out in front of the storm to be proactive, and that's why we put the truck ban in place in many of the interstates in our region. The more we can be proactive and get ahead of these storms, it's much better for the public," May said.

There are lessons to be learned for drivers, too, about how to best be prepared if you have to travel during the storm.

A&A Auto in Moosic has been busy this week with customers wanting to make the best of what they learned last week.

"Wiper blades, the ice freezes them up and ruins them."

Miguel Alvarez says wiper fluid and ice melt have also been big sellers.

The place also sells something PennDOT and state police have suggested this week: emergency road kits.

"Me and my fiancée were talking about it recently, and I may be investing in getting one just to have," Alvarez said. "You just don't know what's going to happen. You could get stuck in the snow."

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