In the Poconos, Ready for Round Two

POCONO TOWNSHIP -- People in Monroe County spent part of their day flocking to stores to prepare themselves for the snow storm.

Generators are selling out fast and people were buying any type of heating equipment.

People were rushing into Steele's True Value along Route 611 in Tannersville. Shelves, where generators had been placed on Monday, were already empty.

Buying in bulk, people who lost power last week came from near and far to prepare for the coming storm.

"The lanterns that run on batteries, I don't want nothing else because if the power runs out, I don't want the smell to go to my kids and stuff, so anything that runs on batteries," Tina Scott said.

"We are just stocking up, trying to hunker down and weather it. There is supposed to be more snow coming tomorrow, a lot of snow. That isn't reassuring at all," Beth Kuemerle said.

Inside Steele's Hardware, customers were buying supplies as lines formed in the front of the store.

In the back, employees were hard at work fixing generators.

"It's been really busy," said Devesh Ramdeo. "We had a lot of customers coming in because they are afraid of the next storm. A lot of people are still coming in trying to get anything they can get their hands on."

"You have to be prepared ahead of time and you have to have your survival needs, at least food water and other resources," Lance Owens advised.

Jesse James of Canadensis tells Newswatch 16 he's more than prepared for the winter weather. He picked up kerosene earlier in the day. Last week, he got stuck on Interstate 380 for six hours. This time he hopes to help other drivers who may get stranded.

"A lot of people were trapped. It's not a fun thing when you got to sit out there for hours, maybe days, before help comes."

Steele's True Value tells Newswatch 16 they expect to have another delivery of generators in the morning.