Governor Wolf Declares State of Emergency Ahead of Snow Storm

HARRISBURG — Governor Tom Wolf declared a State of Emergency Tuesday ahead of the coming snow storm expected to severely impact much of eastern Pennsylvania.

The governor said drivers are strongly encouraged to delay all unnecessary travel.

The State of Emergency was declared for the following counties: Berks, Bradford, Bucks, Carbon, Chester, Columbia, Dauphin, Delaware, Lackawanna, Lancaster, Lebanon, Lehigh, Luzerne, Monroe, Montgomery, Montour, Northampton, Northumberland, Philadelphia, Pike, Schuylkill, Sullivan, Susquehanna, Wayne, Wyoming and York.

“We are working with state agency partners to make sure county emergency management coordinators have quick and unfettered access to state resources as they’re needed. We also cannot emphasize enough the need for the public to take these storm warnings seriously, stay tuned to local media for weather updates and avoid any unnecessary travel,” the governor posted on Facebook.

The State of Emergency declaration allows the commonwealth to get resources where they are needed more quickly, and to get access to federal aid.

PennDOT has also issued travel restrictions on commercial vehicles on many area interstates.

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Check the latest Stormtracker 16 forecast here.


    • J (@ds18301)

      Funny how fox news types always complain about too much government or government intervention until they want a piece of the action. First, you can’t declare a state of emergency until one exists — it is not a decision to made lightly. Gov. Wolf did in fact declare one for the last storm including the use of PA National Guard resources once the emergency was established- but facts don’t seem to matter. States of emergencies are extremely costly to both commerce as well as the Commonwealth. People’s “rights” are abridged (ponder that Limbaugh). Congrats to Gov. Wolf to his proper and measured response and not making political hay out of people’s suffering. Oh but clearly your fox-addled mind won’t allow you to thank a Dem. Want to complain about a governor? Thank Tom Ridge for paying the expenses and providing assistance for dozens of PA manufactures to move oversees…

      • J (@ds18301)

        Your ignorance is scary. The PA government does not own or operate the power grid! You claim to be a libertarian (although you clearly have no idea what that means — it sounded good when Limbaugh said it one day). Companies like PPL and MetEd own the power lines. They do what they want and generally will fix higher population centers first (more $$ faster). The Governor can use resources like the PennDOT and the PA National Guard to help clear roads, trees etc but that is it (and he is doing that). By the way, hang on to your wallets because these companies will be running to the GOP controlled PUC for big rate hikes when this is over to cover their losses (and the GOP will give them everything they want to keep the donations rolling in).

  • Michael Horton

    When I was growing up a “Stare of Emergency” meant stay off the roads. If you were caught driving on them it meant fines! What does this mean today? What about us in Bradford County which is included in the “State of Emergency”? What does this mean for those who have to travel to work???

    • Nancy Nagy-Rotondaro

      What does state of emergency mean? I always think that only Emergency personnel can be on road, so they can help people who need medical attention for a life/death situation. Also means staying off the road so that PennDot and plows can clear roads without a million stranded cars in their way. Am I wrong? Are there fines, if you are told you need to get to work for Postal Service in the Poconos (30 mile commute on mountains), with a 2 wheel drive vehicle (Chevy Cruze), which will clearly get stuck? And I am a single woman in my 50’s and no one to call if I get stuck! Ugh!

      • Josh Steele

        U have a 2 wheel drive in the pocono mtns?! Ur 50! Wisdom tells me all wheel drive like a jeep, a subaru, a ton of cars actually are needed in this situation. Get to a dealer and get traded on a practical winter vehicle for your situation. U cant just get a cruze because they are cheap. If it cant get you where u need to go then its basically junk. Wise up ma’am.

  • Shifty Biscuits

    I consider this a guilty plea to the Governor’s idiotic decision making on last week’s miscarriage of leadership during the last storm.

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