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Work for Volunteer Firefighters Continues Despite Damage at Fire House

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JACKSON TOWNSHIP -- Some volunteer firefighters in Monroe County are still hard at work despite the fact that the storm hit them head-on.

The sign outside the Jackson Township Fire Company in Reeders looks a little worse for wear. Its members are feeling that way, too.

Second Assistant Chief Michael Wisniewski says he's gotten all of 10 hours of sleep since Friday.

"A lot of coffee, sleeping in the trucks, sleeping on the floor. My wife just made a comment, 'You've seen more of these guys since Friday than you've seen me.' I run home. I put gas in the generator, and we go back out," Wisniewski said.

Friday's winds damaged a fire engine headed to a fire and firefighters will be dealing with wind-related damage at the firehouse for quite a while.

Contractors started cleaning up what's left of the fire hall's roof.

Two air conditioning units were on top of the roof and the firefighters say the wind picked them up and they took most of the roof with them.

Samantha Elliot was inside fielding emergency calls for the township.

"The wind came through. We saw the tiles start to shake, and then next thing tiles came down and then concrete came down a little bit in a couple of areas. And we just went into the news base," Elliot said.

The work can't stop despite the circumstances.

"A lot of our own fire company members are still out of power and running off of generators, but our guys were stationed here on Friday around noon, and I think they went home Sunday," Elliot said.

"I've been living up in this area for 25 years, and I would categorize this as the worst that we've had, summer or winter storm. It was the worst," Wisniewski said.

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