Towing Out Stranded Vehicles in the Poconos

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COOLBAUGH TOWNSHIP -- Some towing companies in the Poconos are still digging out cars that were abandoned after Friday's storm.

Dozens of cars were stuck on Route 611 in Pocono Township over the weekend.

Towing companies have been working around the clock since Friday, pulling out cars and getting vehicles back to their owners.

Vehicles have been stuck in this area of Coolbaugh Township since Friday.

Workers from Ed's Auto Service and Towing were just able to pull it out of the ditch it's been sitting in days after Friday's storm.

"Today we are still digging out cars. Me, personally, I am probably on my 10th or 12th wrench out right now," said Eddie Cardiello, Ed's Auto Service and Towing.

Cardiello says since Friday, his company has towed hundreds of vehicles that were either stuck or left on Route 611, Route 196, and other spots throughout the Poconos.

The mess left hundreds of people stranded.

Workers say this storm was the worst they have ever dealt with.

"It's tiring and it's crazy how many people were still trying to go out through the storm, so hopefully, they prepare for Wednesday and stay off the roadways," Cardiello said.

Workers at Ed's Towing said that for a little while on Friday, they actually had to put their tow truck aside and bring out plows and backhoes to clear Route 196. This way they were able to get out of their parking lot and start clearing cars.

Owners say because they had so many cars, they didn't charge any storage fees for those who had their cars towed.

Some are still even waiting for owners at the shop near Mount Pocono.

"It was just a pick-up and secure cost. This way people didn't have to come back out in the storm and try to recover their cars. It actually worked out pretty well," said Cardiello.

A few other towing companies are also working to get vehicles back to owners.

The Monroe County Control Center has a list of those towing companies and numbers.


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