Many in Monroe County Remain in the Dark

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UPDATE:  Power was restored in Delaware Water Gap around 4:30 p.m. Monday.

DELAWARE WATER GAP -- Three days after getting slammed by a nor'easter, tens of thousands of people across the viewing area are still without power.

The borough of Delaware Water Gap remains under a state of emergency. Many residents and businesses are still without power days after the storm.

The borough looked like a ghost town Monday morning with "closed" and "no power" signs up in front of many businesses.

Borough officials were able to get a generator at the borough building and turned the place into a warming station for residents.

The mayor says lack of power wasn't their only problem. They also had water issues.

The generator at the community's water tower malfunctioned. It has since been repaired, but the mayor is asking people to use water sparingly.

Some residents we spoke to say it hasn't been easy, and they hope to have power restored soon.

"Horrible," said Tamera Kelly. "It's been bad but manageable. The only good thing is that it's not 2 degrees outside. I mean it is cold in our apartments, but it is not freezing, so we are managing, and it is what it is."

Mehmet Barzev owns Doughboy's of the Poconos Pizza in the borough. He's had a generator running in his building since Friday afternoon.

"It's been very hard the past few days. We have been trying to keep an eye on all the frozen food. Thank God it's been cold so what is in the coolers is still hanging in there," Barzev said.

A lot of residents have been coming to the Delaware Water Gap borough building where there is a working generator. They are able to charge cell phones, get a hot cup of coffee and any updates that might be available.

"It's been pretty difficult, busy. The community has really come together. We set up this warming station, a charging station for people, coffee and things," said Delaware Water Gap Mayor Larry Freshcorn.

The mayor says he has been in contact with the utility companies but says workers there can't commit to a date or time on when power might be restored.

The borough will remain in a state of emergency until power is restored.

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