Heartbroken 10-year-old posts ‘Kidnapped!’ fliers after beloved blanket taken from laundry room

MIDVALE, Utah – A heartbroken 10-year-old girl hopes for the return of a stolen blanket with tremendous sentimental value - and she even made wanted posters to help her search.

The Sterling family is staying at In Town Suites in Midvale and say they put a load of a laundry in a machine that is shared by the guests.

They went back to their room, and when they returned to retrieve the laundry it was gone. The load included a blanket with a lot of meaning.

“My Grandma, her name was Charlotte, too, she made it for me and gave it to me when I was born, and she passed away and I’m really sad,” 10-year-old Charlotte Sterling told KSTU. “And that's like a part of her that's with me, and now that it's gone it makes me really sad."

The family put up fliers that said, "Kidnapped! This is yellow bear blankey" with a hand-drawn depiction of the blanket, but management took them down.

“It is the most important thing like I said, we're not worried about the rest of the stuff we just want the blanket back,” Michelle Sterling, Charlotte’s mother, said. “It's carried her through a lot of hard times and it means a lot to her."

The Sterlings hope whoever took the blanket will return it to the laundry room, no questions asked.

"That it wasn't nice for them to take it, and they shouldn't have because they didn't know how much it meant to me,” Charlotte told KSTU.


  • Rusty Knyffe

    No, No, no, no, no, no. This is what’s wrong with today’s generation. Everyone loses something and it is a matter of learning to COPE with loss and disappointment that builds character, not asking mommy to type up and print out a flyer about a blanket. Yes, Charlotte’s going to be sad, and yes, it’s sad to lose things, but she’s going to lose more than her blankie as she grows up, and she’d better learn to deal with loss or she’s going to melt down every time she chips a fingernail.

    • Rusty Knyffe

      ………..and, to use such strong language as “kidnapped” to describe the loss of a blanket is teaching this child how to be histrionic and melodramatic. “If you’re not FOR us, then you’re AGAINST us…” Sound familiar? That’s how that sh*t happens, boys and girls. The blanket was LOST, not kidnapped.

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