Businesses Getting by Without Power

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POCONO TOWNSHIP -- Many of the businesses along Route 611 in Tannersville went dark Friday afternoon during the storm. From what we can find though, very few of them closed. Making it all work without power made things interesting.

As thousands of families lost power Friday, Amici Pizza and Pasta in Tannersville got busier and busier.

"We had orders to fill. We were working by flashlights in the kitchen and by the pizza," said Tracey Smits.

Backup generators kept the ovens hot, but the staff at Amici worked without lights until Sunday afternoon.

Tracey Smits left work at the height of the storm and went home to even more trouble -- a tree came crashing into her garage.

"I was outside shoveling and all of a sudden I heard a crack and the tree was heading right for me, so I just bolted, because I had my daughter and my animals in the house. I was more concerned about them than anything else," Smits said.

Shoppers hoping to pick up groceries at Weis in Tannersville were met with many empty shelves. The store never closed, but officials say they needed to throw out a lot of produce, meat, and ice cream because they couldn't keep it all cold during the power outage.

The lights are back on at Steele's Hardware, too, but things haven't calmed down.

"Total chaotic mess, that's all I can say."

People who lost power at home have kept the place busy. Manager Devesh Ramdeo showed us all the generators that have been brought in for repairs. They are expecting a third emergency shipment of generators Monday night.

"We had a shipment come in at 7:00 last night, and almost sold out last night. I think we sold the last two generators this morning," Ramdeo said.

It seems like there's little rest in sight. Officials at Weis tell us they sent in an emergency delivery of food Monday morning to fill those shelves up again. They expect to be busy this week with more snow forecast for Wednesday.

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