Beer Distributors React to Possible Aluminum Tariff

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SUMMIT HILL --  Last week, President Donald Trump proposed a 25 percent tariff on steel and a 10 percent tariff on aluminum products imported into the U.S.

The owner of All Star Beer in Summit Hill said he expects the prices of his canned products to go up if the tariffs take effect.

"I would think that the price of everything would go up," owner George Ruzicka said. "You know because the cost would just get passed down to the consumers."

Ruzicka believes his customers will not like the change in prices.

"They probably wouldn't be happy," Ruzicka said. "You know the beer prices already go up once a year, to begin with, and then adding another additional cost on, it'll be going up twice a year."

President Trump believes adding the tariffs on imported aluminum and steel would help those industries in the U.S., which is something that Todd Konstas said he's all for.

"If it's going to help the country or make jobs come back to the country, that might be a help," Konstas said.

President Trump said he plans to enact the tariffs in the next two weeks, despite opposition from political leaders including House Speaker Paul Ryan.


  • J (@ds18301)

    How does anybody defend this criminal? He of course alerted his buddies like Icahn to sell of their aluminum stocks so that they made more billions. And of course we pay. Unprecedented corruption at every level. Wake up folks — trump is nauseated by poor people like you (i.e. those who have less than a few hundred million). Now wait for the trade wars — hang on to your wallets. America doesn’t produce 5% of what you buy and you’ll be paying 25-50% more. But he throws you chunks of red meat from time-to-time (like his wall or other bs) to keep you obedient….

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