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Stranded From the Storm

MOUNT COBB -- The winter storm left some folks headed for New York and Connecticut stranded in northeastern PA.

"We can't go nowhere cause we have a set of doubles and the highway's closed so we're stuck here," said Arroyo Ever.

Arroyo Ever and his partner work for UPS. They got stuck on Interstate 380 and say they are lucky to have made it to a service plaza, just off Interstate 84 in Mount Cobb.

"We got behind a snow plow and we barely made it here and once we got in here we couldn't go anywhere," said Ever.

They stayed put and waited nearly 24 hours for the roads to open again.

"Here I thought, you know I don't want to be one of these people that gets stuck with no gas so took a gas stop here," said Linda Gajevski of Connecticut.

Ed Hipsnan left Binghamton and headed for home in Pike County. By early this morning this is as far as he got.

"Here safe and sound. I'm too old to get in a hurry you know? I'll wait to they get it ready," says Ed Hipsnan of Shohola.

Because conditions on the roads could be dangerous

"Actually terrifying, we couldn't tell the road from the I mean you could see a little groove and it was white out and I saw trees going like it's crazy, cars everywhere," tells Jodi Hammond of Columbus, Ohio.

Newswatch 16 spoke with many travelers stuck at the service plaza in Lackawanna County and they say they are making the most of it.

"Oh well, we met lots of people. Met a new friend here," says Hammond.

"Kinda like the Donner Party little people have formed caravans and gone off and everybody who comes in the door is like new meat, 'What do you know? What do you know?' So we're waiting. The future is unknown," adds Gajevski.