People Digging Out, Still Without Power in Parts of Wayne County

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WAYNE COUNTY -- More than 24 hours after snow and wind walloped much of northeastern Pennsylvania there are still problems on many roadways. Trees and wires are down, leaving thousands of people in Wayne County without power for a few days at most.

"Wednesday at 11 p.m. They said it's possible it could be sooner but that's the estimate," said Jen Tagle, Honesdale.

There's plenty of snow to shovel in Honesdale. Quite a few people were doing just that.

"Well, yesterday it was just a flat-out blizzard. You couldn't see, the visibility was zero," said Briand O'Neill, Honesdale.

Steve Murray's snowblower is broken.

"I had a good friend come by and do the main part of it. Now I'm just cleaning up after what he did for me," said Murray.

Since so many people have lost power, some local businesses have stepped in to help.

"We were very fortunate to not lose power so we have showers next door with plenty of hot water. I figured it's a great resource for folks around here to come and at least get a hot shower if nothing else," said Katie Rossini, owner of KC Pepper Bar and Grill.

Some people rented cabins because they lost power including Jen Tagle and her family from Honesdale.

"We lost power. No heat, no cell service," said Tagle.

Tagle and her family are grateful for the hospitality.

"I'm warm. We have food, we can come down here and eat. We're very lucky."

"If you're at home without power and you don't have a shower it's very comforting to know there is someone here who will offer that," said Rossini.

PPL has about 3,000 utility workers working around the clock to restore power. According to a spokesperson for PPL, parts of our area could be without power until Wednesday night but they expect to have all power restored before then.

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