Wind and Snow Making a Mess in Monroe County

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MOUNT POCONO -- This March blizzard made driving nearly impossible in many parts of the Poconos.

A tractor-trailer got stuck going up the hill on Route 611 north in Mount Pocono and traffic had to be turned around.

At the Five Points Intersection in the borough, there were whiteout conditions.

Deborah Radican from Tobyhanna says she barely made it to the Shop Rite.

"I got stuck like three times coming here. I don't even know what it's like right now so here I am."

The weather conditions only got worse throughout the day.

The Monroe County 911 Center was flooded with calls about vehicles off the road and crashes.

"No one can get up the hill. All the cars are either pulled to the side, sliding or stalled. I am tired, I want to go home and go to sleep," said Marcia Smith of Tobyhanna.

Not only is the snow bad but the wind is also making visibility difficult for people who are just trying to get home.

Some people say they could barely see the lights of the car in front of them.

"It's crazy. We just got out of work and it took us like a half hour to get out of the parking lot. We are just trying to get there safely," said Lukasz Drozezewski of Canadensis.


Officials are also confirming at this hour a few places throughout Monroe County are without power.

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