Snow Slows Traffic To A Crawl Along Interstate 81 In Susquehanna County

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SUSQUEHANNA COUNTY -- A warning from PennDOT, the speed limit on major highways reduced to 45 miles an hour. On northbound Interstate 81 near Harford, we found crashes and a big traffic jam that lasted for hours. One of the vehicles involved a car carrier that had veered off the road.

Some drivers sat in their cars while waiting for the traffic to move, others used that time to clean off their vehicles.

“A bunch of big truckers that have been trying to get somewhere too fast and from what it sounds like the ones that tried to pass me are the ones that are blocking the roads and keeping us from getting anywhere,” William Destaffaney, New Jersey

Drivers heading upstate were left sitting in traffic, as cars were parked behind each other as far as the eye could see.

“We were making good time until this happened now we are just sitting. We were supposed to be there tonight but if we don't get there until tomorrow we don't get there, there is nothing you can do,” Jackie Marko, Wilkes-Barre

For some traffic like this and low visibility kept them off the roads and in rest areas until the storm could pass over.

Robert Levy and his family were on the last leg of their journey home to Canada.

“You have to drive with slow we have snow tires all the way around we are used to this but it's evident a lot of people are not,” Robert Levy.

“The people that were out on the road were the ones that shouldn't be I’ve had a few close calls so we are just taking a break,” Blake Dyson.

PennDOT's advice during this storm: If you don't have to travel, stay home.

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