Quilting a Lesson in History

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GREGG TOWNSHIP -- Walking into the Warrior Run Fire Department's social hall near Allenwood, you don't expect to see more than 150 quilts, all shapes and colors.

"There's a lot of hours of love labor as I like to say and art in this building," Cindy Craddock said.

The quilt show is put on by the Susquehanna Valley Quilt Guild, which is based in the Muncy area. The show is held every two years as a way to display member's quilts.

"Oh, I think it's awesome. What talent in this building," Sheila Sheets said.

"I have friends who quilt. They make beautiful creations. Every one is very special," Erma Bower said.

The theme of this year's show is World War I and that includes three quilts that were made almost 100 years ago.

2018 is the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I, so many of the quilts honor that period of history.

"Some of our guild members actually have members of their family that they know of and that they were able to bring to life through their quilts," Craddock said.

"I'm interested in history as well as the sewing aspect. This really goes above and beyond," Bower said.

In addition to the World War I display, there were sewing demonstrations including some machines that make quilting look easy.

"They do everything. You just program the thing and turn it on. Technology at its best," Sheets said.

The quilt show runs through Saturday at the Warrior Run Fire Department's social hall near Allenwood. Admission is $5.

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