Help with Home Repairs in Jersey Shore

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JERSEY SHORE -- Homeowners in one part of Lycoming County hoping to make some improvements to their property may be able to get some help from the federal government.

Jersey Shore just received thousands of dollars to help its community.

Owning your home comes with its perks but then there's the upkeep.

"There's always something that needs to be done, you know, repairs, sidewalks, porches, whatever the heck it is. I'm glad I own my home," Carl Schaefer said.

The home in Jersey Shore has been in Carl Schaefer's family since it was built over 100 years ago.

Over time, things need repair. Schaefer just had the roof redone.

"I'm able to get by but you know sometimes I have to go into my savings," he said.

Thanks to a federal grant, Carl and homeowners like him may not have to pay for those home improvements on their own, That's according to SEDA COG and the borough manager in Jersey Shore.

"We look at this program as an opportunity to improve our housing stock in Jersey Shore, but also again to meet the need of our residents," said borough manager Joseph Hamm.

It's called the Owner Occupied Housing Rehabilitation Program.

Thanks to a $350,000 federal grant, Jersey Shore and SEDA COG an economic and community development agency are working together to help low-income families pay for home repairs

"Maybe replace a roof or get replacement windows or updated heating system in their homes," Hamm said.

To qualify, homeowners must live in the home and plan to stay there for at least five years after work is complete

The borough hopes to help seven to ten homeowners with grants of up to $50,000 each.

"It is a great feeling to go and see the homes that had the need and to see them improved and then to see the homeowner who is just ecstatic that they are able to have this work done," Hamm added.

Homeowners can apply at the borough building in Jersey Shore.

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