Dicey Roads, Power Outages in Wayne County After Two Feet of Snow

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WAYNE COUNTY -- As night fell, the snow patrol gathered at the Route 6 shopping plaza near Honesdale to get a brief rest after a long day’s hard work in Wayne County.

With a steady snow falling on roads combined with the drifts being whipped by the wind, conditions were a bit dicey.

“I'm only going the back roads, like 590, 191, 196 because I'm trying to keep our developments open and that's a challenge,” said snowplow driver David Lee, who owns Lee’s Lawn Care.

Lee was plowing a shopping plaza parking off Route 590. He said specific factors are making this a tough storm to tackle.

“This rain we had last night, now it's slush, ice underneath,” said Lee. “This is worse than the blizzard we had last year.  Last year, you could plow that off. It wasn't wet. It wasn't mud. This is bad.”

In Hawley, the snow piled up fast.

“It's a lot of snow right, quickly,” said Kim McHale.

Some youngsters may have had a snow day off school but were busy with the heavy lifting, shoveling out their neighbors.

But 6-year-old Lily Hadden says it's fine. They're making an honest buck.

“We started getting paid money. We were thinking of getting three coffees since it's cold out and coffee is warm,” said Hadden.

The heavy wet snow was also bringing down power lines. At one point, PPL reported that a third of the county lost power.

“Really on and off lately, it's been pretty bad because a lot of people's electricity has been going off,” said Debrianna Gavins.

But they were prepared.

“Just flashlights and water and food and things like that,” said Alaina McHale. “Candles, blankets.”

“Flashlights, if there's any storms or anything we have a basement full of a whole bunch of stuff, so we're all ready,” said Gavins.

And if the power goes out, it's an excuse to play outside.

“It's heavy and it's wet, but it is nice,” said Karl McHale.

“Making a snow man,” said Gavins.

PPL is warning people its repair efforts could last through the weekend.

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