Ladies Night Draws Crowd To Shooting Range In Poconos

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STROUDSBURG -- Inside Pocono Pistol Range in Stroudsburg, more than a dozen women learned more about shooting pistols in Thursday’s Ladies Night course.

Instructors say for the past few years, these classes have gotten more and more popular.

"We want everyone to be a responsible gun owner, we want them to learn safety, we want them to learn marksmanship and all the things that went with it. We're almost cultivating a new group of responsible gun owners,” said Bob Snell, an instructor for Pocono Pistol Range.

The women here are retirees, receptionists, and stay-at-home moms and more and they each have reasons to be here.

"I brought my mom, actually, so I think every woman should know how to use a gun, know how to protect herself,” said Jennifer Talbot of Bushkill Township.

"There were some incidence, two strange men standing on my upper deck that scared the crap out of me so I said 'I want to get a gun,' I want to get, you know protection, we're situated out on a wooden lot, so,” said Susan Pernice of Barrett Township.

Instructors say self-defense is the number one reason these women continue to crowd into these classes.

"Today’s society has totally changed from the time I was younger and I feel that women should learn how to take care of themselves, I just think it's the way it is, you know women are just getting stronger and more assertive,” said Janice Medwick of East Stroudsburg.

The ladies night courses are so popular, there are two a month, the second and fourth Tuesdays at Pocono Pistol Range.


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