ESU Holds Safety Meeting on Campus

EAST STROUDSBURG -- Students, staff, and law enforcement officials packed an auditorium on the campus of East Stroudsburg University.

The school organized the town hall meeting to discuss the current state of the campus after a number of violent crimes occurred on university property.

"I'm just trying to figure out what is going on in the community. I'm trying to get some answers," said Zyhera Younger, East Stroudsburg University sophomore.

The most recent crime happened last month when a student was stabbed on the campus quad.

Back in December, one student was attacked near the library and a pizza delivery driver was shot and killed while answering a bogus call.

"After the murder, I did find myself going out my back door, looking left and right, and I was much more cautious and appropriately so and I probably should have been cautious all along but I waited until something that bad happened to really start paying attention to my surroundings," President Marcia Welsh, East Stroudsburg University.

Over the last few months, more security cameras and police officers have been added to campus. Students we spoke to say while that does make them feel safer, what they really want is better communication when an emergency happens.

Law enforcement officials spoke to students about the role each department plays and how they all need to work together to gather information and keep the campus safe.

"The campus is part of our jurisdiction, it's part of the state police jurisdiction, and as we all say, crime never has boundaries so it doesn't stop just because one jurisdiction ends and another begins," said Chief Jennifer Lyon, Stroud Area Regional Police.

"We want to know what is going on. They are the eyes and ears here on campus. We will get a lot of information from them if they are willing to give it to us," said Det. Kim Lippincott, Monroe County Detectives Office.

"I am a mentor on campus so I can't advocate for a freshman to come here, if me myself, if I don't feel safe. I just want to make sure things get situated," said Makayla McCloskey, East Stroudsburg University junior.

Campus police say they are also looking into new safety technology that would send text messages to authorities when a crime occurs.

In the meantime, students are encouraged to use the "Life Safe" mobile app as well as emergency call boxes that are located throughout campus.

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  • Rusty Knyffe

    Nothing is going to curtail on-campus violence unless (and, until) stringent regulations and codes of conduct are implemented and violators face expulsion. Period.

    Today, college and university campuses are so immersed in the whole SJW-safe-space-tolerance-acceptance-snowflake mentality that the faculties and administrators have given over the management of their institutions to the kids who are enrolled, and their nefarious “friends” lurking about from the private sector. It’s time for the adults to begin BEING adults and demanding the highest quality of behavior and performance from these kids. And, this includes high standards and expectations from faculty. Put an end to this ridiculous socio-political quasi-platform and get back to the task of teaching.

    “Life Safe” mobile app? How about, “You’re Expelled” administrative decisions? Sheeeeeesh what a waste of time

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