Man Sentenced to Life in Prison For Wilkes-Barre Shooting

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WILKES-BARRE — A man was sentenced Wednesday to life in prison for his role in a 2016 shooting.

Tevon Thomas was found guilty of first-degree murder in January for the shooting death of Irvando Crooks.

Police say Thomas and another man shot and killed Crooks during an argument, inside a home on North Sherman Street in Wilkes-Barre.


  • troutlover

    The Wyoming Valley is transitioning to a huge ghetto as the invasion of scum from NY and NJ continues unabated! Sad commentary on a community in full decline!!

    • Rusty Knyffe

      Cash For Trash deals created this mess, and the need to house the trash keeps them coming in droves.

      Lookit what they get, here: free housing (or, nearly free), monthly cash stipends, free health care, free dental care, free vision, free food, free utilities……………and, all they need to do is ask for it.

      Step 1: return all Cash For Trash revenue
      Step 2: round up all of the transplanted trash and place them all on a charter bus
      Step 3: drive them all back to Center City Philadelphia, NYC, and Harrisburg, and unload the bus (forcibly, if necessary)
      Step 4: abolish Section 8 housing

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