Groups Renovate Veteran’s Home

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PENN FOREST TOWNSHIP -- Home Depot and Pennsylvania Wounded Warriors joined together Wednesday to renovate a house for an Army veteran in Carbon County.

Nestled away in the woods in Penn Forest Township, near Albrightsville, you could hear the continuous popping of nail guns. It all brought a smile to Army veteran Patrick Martin's face

"It's unbelievable. I don't think it's all sunken in yet," Martin said.

Because of an injury, Martin is unable to maintain his home so Home Depot partnered with Pennsylvania Wounded Warriors to renovate the entire house.

"It's very, very overwhelming, especially for me and for my team," said manager Tasha Thomas-Mitchell. "We try to make sure that we take care of the people who have taken care of us and it's very, very important that we do that."

"We got a sizeable grant for Mr. Martin and we were to do a lot of things to his house to help him get through and pay the bills," said assistant manager Mike Spitzer.

Martin's 14-year-old daughter came up with the idea to reach out to the organization to get the project in motion.

"My brother joined the Army and he did something important. I've always looked up to him, so I wanted to do something important too," Lindsay Martin said. "It makes me really happy because he does so much for me and being able to find that and do something for him, it makes me really happy for him."

"I'm so proud of her. without her, it wouldn't have started," Patrick said.

Home Depot started the project Wednesday morning and believe it not, the makeover is only going to take a few days. Martin's house will be completely renovated by next week.

"The house is 25 years old and everything that's on there is the original stuff. Home Depot came out and look what they did, you can see it yourself. It's unbelievable," he said.

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