Crossing Guard Accused of Selling Drugs

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SELINSGROVE – In a stunning arrest in Snyder County, a crossing guard in Selinsgrove was picked up for dealing drugs while on the job.

Hundreds of children in Selinsgrove cross the street at the intersection of Broad and Spruce Streets while on their way to school.

In fact, a large number of students from the Selinsgrove Area School District walk to school because the district does not provide bus service in the borough.

"They're all basically walking past this crossing guard who was arrested," Allison Kauffman said.

That crossing guard is Kathryn Miller, 31, of Selinsgrove.

Selinsgrove police tell Newswatch 16 Miller sold marijuana while on the job. She was arrested Tuesday morning at her crossing guard post.

Allison Kauffman drove her two daughters to school.

"Multiple police officers from Selinsgrove borough there and both my daughters were in the car and they saw it going down," Kauffman said.

Police say Miller sold drugs to a police informant on four occasions this month. Two of those sales happened at Miller's school crossing post.

"It's actually kind of discouraging, disgusting. You start to have a little bit of faith in the world, and then something like this happens and it throws you back a few," Kelsey Young said.

According to Selinsgrove Area Superintendent Chad Cohrs, all employees must pass a background check prior to working here.

Cohrs says Kathryn Miller has worked as a crossing guard since 2012. She is an hourly employee of the district but was suspended after her arrest. Even so, parents are upset.

"You put your trust into these people and then at the end of the day, you can't really trust them," Jessica Burgess said.

"Don't ever accept anything from a stranger and then it turns out that the crossing guard isn't a stranger. So, you have to reevaluate what you're teaching your kids," Kauffman said.

Kathryn Miller faces a long list of charges including delivery of a controlled substance. She did not post bail and is in the Snyder County Jail.

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  • Fredric Underhill

    Another uniform has gone bad. Is anyone really surprised? The police probably took two or more years “investigating” reports from G. D. C.s like us. I hope the A. D. A. can make the case stick. Watch for her to “cop” a plea for a few months of house arrest.

    Silver lining is donut shops will have more donuts.

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