Driver Arrested after Jogger Hit and Killed by Vehicle

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PARADISE TOWNSHIP -- A driver has been charged for a wreck Wednesday morning that killed a jogger.

Police have now charged Marc Graves, 52, from East Stroudsburg, with homicide by vehicle while DUI.

It happened around 7:30 a.m. on Paradise Valley Road near Paradise Valley.

According to court papers, Lorraine Hamel was jogging on Route 940 when she was hit.

The crash happened just outside the victim's home in Wyndham Hills in Paradise Township.

Police say the driver stopped after the crash.

"Total shock," said Gary Calandra. "You just don't think this can happen."

Calandra lives in Wyndham Hills and has known the victim and her family for nearly 10 years. He says the victim was a good neighbor and an avid jogger.

"She was a vibrant person, giving to a lot of people and a friend to everyone in this development."

People who live in this development tell Newswatch 16, jogging on Route 940 is dangerous for a number of reasons. First, cars go very fast, and second, there is a lack of shoulder space.

Jennifer Tuttle says she attempted to go for a walk on Route 940 when she first moved to this development last year

"Number one, there are no lights on this road and people are flying on this road. It's a very dangerous road to even be walking on," Tuttle said.

"I used jog myself, not out here, but in here. This is just, I don't know what to say, oh, God," Delia Reynolds said.

"I have been passed at least three times on that blind curve by people who are going extremely fast from up the hill, either side and both sides," Calandra said.