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Chemical Discovered in Well Water in Part of Lycoming County

GAMBLE TOWNSHIP --  The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection is investigating how a chemical known as trichloroethene , or TCE, commonly used  by dry cleaners to remove stains, ended up in the water supply near Trout Run.

According to the DEP, six homes have been affected. Those homes are being provided with water bottles until the problem can be resolved.

The DEP is unsure as to how the carcinogen got into the water supply but they do not believe the gas industry is at fault.

"If it cleans grease like people don't just dump that in the water. It doesn't just flow from the ground. It wasn't here naturally, I don't think. I hope they find out what's wrong with it or who is responsible for it," said James Stroble of Montgomery.

No word on how long the chemical has been in the water in Lycoming County.

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