Teacher Accused of Grabbing Student by Neck over School Dance

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PLAINS TOWNSHIP -- A teacher in the Wilkes-Barre Area School District is facing charges of strangulation and harassment for allegedly choking a 12-year-old student.

The incident reportedly happened earlier this month, and charges were filed Monday against Brian Fischer, a teacher at Solomon-Plains Educational Complex.

Standing with his mother Crystal, Keyon Mutua recalls an argument he had with Fischer on February 9 inside the cafeteria at Solomon-Plains Educational Complex, shortly before he turned 13.

Court papers show Mutua had been suspended from school for using foul language and wasn't allowed to attend a dance later that night.

He wanted to get back the $30 he paid for the dance, but Fischer wouldn't return the money.

“The first time I was like calmly asking him for my money and the second time, no, the third time I asked him,” said Mutua. “I yelled at him, so he decided to lean forward and put his hands around my neck.”

Mutua says Fischer grabbed him by the neck with both hands, choking him for a few seconds.

“I was surprised he leaped at me like that for like just yelling at him,” said Mutua.

According to court papers, the principal and school resource officer separated Mutua and Fischer.

“They did call me the day of the incident, and what was explained to me was he had to use force for my son,” said Crystal Mutua. “So I found myself apologizing to him.”

But the school resource officer told the court the choking was caught on the school's security cameras.

He said the video showed that Mutua was not aggressive toward Fischer and that the teacher acted out, seemingly unprovoked.

“When I saw this video my stomach hurt, really, really bad, like really bad because that's a child. This is your role model. This is somebody they look up to. This is the person who is supposed to assist him going forward,” said Crystal.

Fischer is now charged with harassment and a misdemeanor charge of strangulation.

Newswatch 16 tried to reach him, but no one answered the door at his home in Mountain Top.

“You just took my son back five steps with trust of the system, with trust of the school system. I was hurt. I was really, really hurt,” said Crystal.

Brian Fischer is now suspended from his teaching job without pay.

He has a court appearance set for April 3.


  • Sam Williams

    The teacher should not have put his hands on the student at all and he is paying the price for that. That said, I would not call the incident unprovoked. The student was yelling at the teacher and not backing down regarding his $30 he wanted back. I’d like to know what the student was suspended for that got him banned from the dance. I’m sure I’ll be told it is irrelevant, but it’s not to me. People expect teachers to never lose their temper or be human. This kid sounds like a menace and an on-going problem child. I wouldn’t want to be a teacher in the country for a million dollars.

  • Silverfish Imperetrix

    Corporal punishment never should have been stopped in schools. If you weren’t taught respect at home you learned it there.

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